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With a Focus on Artistry, Collaboration and Professionalism, the JH ARTS CORPORATION Provides the Marketing, Press, Promotions, Production and Administrative Support Necessary to Elevate the Reach and Vision of your Organization within the Cultural and Artistic Landscape of US, Europe and Asia.

 In 2011, JH Arts Corporation was established in New York City as a network for promoting networks and exchanges in music, art and culture in the world. The company offers a wide range of top-notch musical, artistic and cultural events, including planning programs for various performances / cultural events, performance / content distribution, cultural education projects, cultural exchanges, educational exchange programs, and academic exchanges. A global culture / artistic consulting company that applies, develops and develops content. In January 2020, Our firm established JH Arts (Europe) GmbH which is headquarter of Europe in Switzerland.

The firm hosted performances at the world’s leading theaters including United Nation in New York and Geneva, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Walt Disney Center and other concerts venues.

Our firm also participated in cultural exchange promotion and invitation planning for national and government offices as the programs of President Lee Myung-bak’s Koreans in New York and President Park Geun-hye’s Koreans’ meetings in New York. It is also a culture and arts network company dedicated to the development of various cultural contents, including the Korea-US International Student Exchange Camp, high-end talent camp, and cultural art exchange project.


As a special partner of our association, JH ARTS is an interesting Firm that understands music well and enables a wide range of ideas and productions.
Daniel A. Kellerhals
President, European Orchestra Federation,EOFed
I was happy while working with JH Arts Corp. Their special and meticulous understanding and efforts to understand the work became the driving force behind my successful exhibition.
Mike Stuart
Painting Artist

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